Changey Waterfall ,West Bengal ,India

Address -: Changey Waterfall ,Lava Rd, Lingsaykha Khasmahal, West Bengal  ,India

Changey Waterfall is located about 10 km away from Pelling on the western slope of Pelling district of Western Sikkim. Situated at a height of about 300 metres, these falls are on the way to Dentam Valley. While descending, these falls disappear into the extensive greenery around the waterfall and because of the whiteness of the waterfall it appears like a great white line, with the backdrop of dense green vegetation.

Changey Falls is located at a distance of 14 kms from Lava Town in Kalimpong District in West Bengal.A 900 ft walking trail from the last motorable point will take you to Changey falls. Extreme calmness with huge waterfall sound makes a wonderful contrast. Amazing Kanchendzonga standing high remains as a beautiful background. Innumerous chirps of amazing Himalayan birds like White Capped Water Redstart, Verditer Flycatcher, Niltava, Blue Fronted Redstart, Grey Treepie, Indian Robin, Blue Whistling Thrush makes the atmosphere heaven like.

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