Rjukan Waterfall ,Telemark ,Norway

Address -: Rjukan Waterfall ,3660 Rjukan ,Telemark ,Norway

Rjukan Falls is a waterfall of 104 metres in the western part of the Westfjord valley in Tinn, a municipality in the county of Telemark, Norway, west of the industrial town Rjukan. The waterfall is a part of the Måne river, earlier a major tourist attraction, being one of the first floodlighted waterfalls by electricity produced by the same waterfall. In 1905 Rjukan Falls was built out to produce hydro electrical power for the saltpetre production when Norsk Hydro was established.

The Rjukanfossen are easy accessible and can be found near road 37, eight kilometers west of the town Rjukan (Tinn) . From road 37 there is a sideway, just before the tunnel, where you have a good view on the waterfall.
Downstream the Rjukanfossen there is an unknown waterfall of about 25 meters, the Kvennhusfossen.

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