Ladies Waterfall ,Garzon, Huila, Colombia

Address -: Ladies Waterfall (Las Damas) ,Garzon, Huila, Colombia

Hiking towards the waterfall with a duration of 15 minutes from the cottage Las Damas, the waterfall has a height of 20 meters.
The journey to reach this wonderful place, still unknown by many people, starts in the parish of Alluriquín after having traveled thirty minutes from Santo Domingo on a first-class road.
Then take the guardaraya that leads to the parish Palo Quemado, belonging to the province of Cotopaxi; After an hour of travel along a road in poor condition, you will reach the outskirts of the Damas River, still the jurisdiction of Alluriquín.
With all the luggage ready, including ropes, boots and helmets, the road starts for a few minutes towards the river. When you see it, you have to descend with the help of a rope, towards large rocks that are bathed by the cold waters of the Damas River.
Immediately begins the ascent, among stones of all sizes that are drawn to avoid falling into the water, for more than once again you have to remove the ropes to continue climbing through the river and its river.
After about 20 minutes you can distinguish the first water fall of about 15 meters, approximately, which is used by the most daring of the group to climb it with the help of the inevitable ropes.If you travel for 10 min. more then you will find the Ladies Waterfall.

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